Digital Identity

I’m not an education major, but I can certainly understand the importance of maintaining a positive digital identity. When we had that exercise in class where we had to Google each other, I immediately thought of a few things that I definitely didn’t want a potential employer to be able to find so easily. Luckily the only thing that came up for myself was for my LinkedIn page, which I believe would promote a positive digital identity for those who may come across the profile. In fact, I will probably go back and keep that profile updated regularly so that it can project a professional and organized persona for myself. I already keep my Facebook locked down pretty tight, but I think that before I fully enter the professional workforce I may have to go through and make sure that the people I have added are being just as responsible with what they post and share with others. My Twitter is something I don’t use very often, but I probably should be a little more protective of that as well, in the off chance that an employer finds it.

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