Digital Identity

Over the past few years at Kennesaw, I’ve tried to be conscious about what I post online. I don’t post anything too incriminating, but I also feel that I should be allowed to be a human being just like everyone else. I don’t believe that because I’ve chosen to have a beer with a friend and there happens to be a picture of it somewhere in the depths of the internet, that that makes me a bad teacher or a bad influence for my students. Frankly, I’m disgusted by how overly “politically correct” we have to be now. Everyone is terrified that they will offend someone. It seems that common sense doesn’t matter anymore when it comes to what you have online.

I’ve heard that some employers ask for your Facebook password while interviewing for a job. I know that if I said no that they would hire someone else that would, but I’m not willing to work for a person or company that believes that someones personal life and privacy should be invaded for a nonsense reason. 

After student teaching and after seeing the way that this country values education and educators, I’ve decided that I cannot work for such a system. The attitudes and resources of public education ebbs and flows, and it may be better in a few years, but I do not think that working so hard and for so little pay, only to be forced to do things that I do not believe in is a good way to spend my life. So, I’m not really working on creating an online teacher identity. The things that I’ve done the past few years at Kennesaw are out there, but beyond that I’m not planning on putting any more work into something that I do not believe will make me happy or make me very much money. I can honestly make more money and work less hours as a waitress. I know this post seems very negative, but to me it’s just honest. Until society puts a greater value and trust in teachers, I can’t work in that profession.

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