Digital Identity

Interestingly enough, I’ve been conscious for a long time that most of the stuff that I post online is public, even if I hide everything as private. I’d heard horror stories of employers asking people to pull up Facebook profiles during a job interview. If a person wanted to exercise their right to privacy, too bad; there was another person waiting to be interviewed that would jump to giving all of their Facebook information if it meant landing the job. While completely unfair, I’ve kept this in my mind. There are some days where I just want to vent like a sailor on twitter, but with future employers in mind, I stop myself.

While I don’t think I’ve posted anything particularly incriminating online (Okay, besides Tumblr), I don’t think I’ve set up a professional persona online either. I have a plan though. I’ve always wanted to set up a book review blog, mainly to get free books from publishers before they hit the shelves. Now, I have a second reason, which is to establish some credibility in the literature world, no matter how small my blog might be. In addition, I may think about posting some of my writings online (both formal and creative), especially if I want to get my students thinking about this idea for their own writing.

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