Affinity Space: Nerdfighteria

In my Affinity Space video, I provide a small glimpse into the world of Nerdfighteria, that is almost entirely technologically based. While there are some instances of being in the space outside of the internet, i.e. going to VidCon and wearing a Nerdfighter shirt, the space is mostly on YouTube. I talked briefly in the video about how knowledge is shared through the space, which is via YouTube channel, CrashCourse, where John Green and Hank Green teach nerdfighters certain aspects of a number of school subjects, like literature. They are rethinking how knowledge is shared in a fun way.

The space is unique in that all nerdfighters are equal, even John and Hank. Yes, even the nerdfighter that is geeking out is equal to the one who just joined nerdfighteria. And that’s a really cool way of thinking about community and learning. Who knows what the outcome would be if we were to treat students this way?

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