Blog Post 10: Digital Teacher Identity

Liabilities:  When I googled my name nothing came up except for people with the same name as me. It was a little creepy because I found someone with my same middle name so that was funny. But other than that, I could find nothing. I only have a facebook as I don’t see a point in Twitter as it’s just a way to get caught up in drama so I have never felt a need for it. I also don’t do Youtube or Pinterest  or other sites. The only thing I have is a Tumblr, but I don’t really use my name in it so it’d probably be really hard to find me on there. I also found nothing in the images except alot of pictures of babies so I don’t know what that says about my name haha.


Assets: Since I couldn’t find anything, I guess there are no assets out there for me yet. When I do graduate and start to make myself known in the world, I will probably create a LinkedIn account. I will also try to make sure my staff profiles will have all my accredidations, or licenses, and stuff like that so people will know what value I can bring if they hire me. I will make sure my facebook reflects me as a quality person and i’ll probably go through and scrub it clean of people I don’t know or really talk to anymore once I go looking for a  job as well.

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