Blog Post # 10 – Digital Teacher Identity (Hayden Thompson)

Probably the best place to start would be a look at that lovely mugshot of mine… Inasmuch as I have few qualms about addressing issues in my private life, this won’t be one of those “nasty surprises.” The day we did this activity, I actually located the picture online, downloaded it, and the re-uploaded it to Facebook. In addition to a couple of handfuls of likes, one of my friends actually responded to the post by posting his own mugshot on the comment thread. Interesting. If the intent of Facebook is to move all of us closer to the ideal of transparency, I would say this was a step in the right direction.

Okay, dude, get to the point…

Obviously, being arrested for a DUI is not a great thing to have on one’s track record, and the lack of educational/intellectual media out there with my name attached to it will have to be addressed eventually. It is likely time that I start thinking of my various digital footprints as a scattered resume (resu-may) which anyone can pull up. I return to a look at Facebook. My privacy settings are pretty air-tight: while my mugshot is not on my page, there are people who still cannot see it unless they Google it. Not so brave as we thought, eh? Come to think of it, they could probably find this article and learn that I got arrested back in ’11 that way. So now that’s two articles out there pointing fingers of judgment at my character.

Time, then, to adopt the strategy of outnumbering the bad stuff with the good. For instance, there’s actually a blog up in my name where I can begin posting stuff pertaining to my work, which I would be wise to make use of… if I can remember the login info.

It’s not quite enough to ask who among us is guilty of nothing as a point of rhetoric if one has as few articles of proof of good deeds done as I do. On top of that, my disposition is not necessarily towards documenting my good works, as the documentation is not the end. I have to find a way to be okay with saying “look at what good things I have done” without feeling self-aggrandizing. This will take practice…

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