Digital Identity – Chase Eriksen


After mapping my digital footprint, I found a few interesting things. For one thing, a search of my name and/or business name leads to my business pages including my business website, vimeo demo reel, projects that I have worked on, etc. However, I found that if I search for a common username that I use on some social platforms, it reveals a variety of information including what industry I work in, what city I live in, potentially what school I go to, photos I’ve posted on Reddit (an account that I otherwise isolate from any other platforms for the sake of anonymity… which as it turns out, is not so isolated), and a variety of other information. None of this information is necessarily a liability in and of itself, however it reveals a good deal of personal information that could be used to track me down if somebody had malicious intent.



On the whole, my search came back with more good results than bad. The good results are things like portfolio and professional sites, business website, videos I’ve been tagged in, social media platforms which can be used for networking or contact information etc. Apart from these, I have since made an effort to isolate certain personal information and keep different aspects of my digital footprint in separated sectors. By minimizing crossover, I can retain anonymity which affords a great deal of freedom without having to worry about judgement on myself as a person or an entrepreneurial business owner.

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