Blog Post 9 – Paper Writing Trajectory

As a senior on a victory lap completing my final semester at KSU, I decided to write about my own personal trajectory when it comes to research paper writing. To say that ‘senioritis’ has hit me would be a HUGE understatement, and finding motivation to complete assignments has been difficult this semester.

This trajectory map tracks what (all too often) was the case with me and paper writing this semester.

Eriksen - research paper writing trajectory

Opposed to this narrative would be the correct / linear way to write a paper which would go something like this:

Pick topic —> Research —> Create Outline —> Pick Argument —> Draft Paper —> Add Primary / Secondary Sources —> Proofread —> Revise —> Complete Early and Turn In

Instead, my process has recently been frantic, out of order, unconventional, and stressful. Nevertheless, I’ve still not received anything less than a B on such a project! (I do NOT advocate adopting this paper writing trajectory!!!)

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