Transmedia Franchise: High School Musical


I decided to focus on the Disney Channel trilogy High School Musical which aired its first movie in 2006.

Spreadability vs. Drillability – High School Musical made its first appearance in the United States on January 20th, 2006. It aired on BCC on December 29th 2006 and has been globally seen by over 225 million viewers. It was deemed as one of the most successful Disney  Channel films so it was no surprise that the first movie was not the end for the High School Musical story line. New characters, songs, events, story lines, relationships and so much more was added to the overall plot line while a continuation of some events were brought through all three movies that aired. High School Musical 2 was aired in 2007 and High School Musical 3 was aired in 2009 allowing the information within these films to be explored much further in depth, but this also allows for information to be spread.

Continuity vs. Multiplicity – Characters in High School Muscial 1-3 remain the same, their personalities only coming further out and their stories and background gone into greater depth. Through, as this device appears throughout different forms of media the characters remain the same. For example, Gabriela, Vanessa Hudgens’s character, remains the sweet, intelligent, girl next door who loves to sing throughout all forms of media.

Immersion vs. Extractability – When it comes to the movies, fans are able to really immerse themselves into the story line, but that also depends on how the consumer approaches the films. As it appears across media through, consumers are really only able to extract pieces of information along the way, like party products, dolls, and so much more.

Worldbuilding – There is a wide range of worldbuilding involved in this franchise. Characters from the movies are seen on all sorts of different products as shown below that allow a person to take pieces of the story and promote them. This gives consumers the opportunity to show their love for High School Musical to the world while bringing this story into their own lives every single day.

Seriality – The story of High School Musical is spread throughout the trilogy of films. Though, the story does not change any further passed the movies. There are elements of the movie and characters taken further and displayed across media, but the overall story that was shown throughout its airing time period did not change passed the 3rd movie.

Subjectivity – Subjectivity exists in this transmedia franchise as consumers are able to see the story from their own eyes. For example, the High School Musical Sing-It video game allows consumers to sing songs that were sang in the movie by possibly their favorite characters. Dolls allow consumers to play the part they so desire, acting as their favorite character. These examples allow consumers to view the High School Musical story from their own perspectives, giving an even wider range of viewability and subjectivity.

Performance – High School Musical On Stage is a musical based on the movie. This performance was first played in Georgia in 2007. It continued to be shown around the world produced by those who love the film and desire to bring it to life. Fans are able to watch support these productions as they are shown around the nation and world, from professional theaters to high school productions.









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