Transmedia Franchise: Sesame Street

Coming up with a transmedia franchise was difficult for me. However,  I decided to pick a child hood (and current) love; Sesame Street.sesame street

Spreadability vs. Drillability: Since the first episode airing in 1969, the popular children’s educational show has made it’s way all over the world. The goal that producers were attempting to reach with Sesame Street was to “master the addictive qualities of television and do something good with them” such as learning how to tie your shoes, share with others, or get ready for school. In the mid 1970’s the cast and crew began to expand and by the 80’s and 90’s Sesame Street’s curriculum added more affective topics such as relationships, what’s right and wrong, and descriptions of emotions. By the thirteenth anniversary in 1999, the show decided to add in a side storyline about the popular character Elmo. In 2009, Sesame Street received a Lifetime Achievement Emmy.

Continuity vs. Multiplicity: Although every episode is different, Sesame Street has been able to continue with original characters from 1969 to current times. There are changes that were made to add to current times, like Elmo’s World. Also, the producers had to add these changes in order to compete with the other children’s television shows. Overall, you can always trust Sesame Street to be safe and educational for your children’s viewings.

Immersion vs. Extractability: Sesame Street does have a way for children and their parents to physically enter the educational world of Sesame Street. Sesame Street Live is a live touring show that brings the puppets to life right before your eyes. Families are allowed to laugh, sing, and dance along with the characters. It has been the longest running stage tour for children since 1980. For Extractability, there are millions of products that have been made due to the popular children’s show. Here are a few items that you can find in your local mall or online shopping sites:  ss1 They have hats,

ss2Soft and Cuddly plush toys,

ss3Google Search Engine designs

   ss4  Children’s musical instruments,

ss5and Snuggies (if you can’t tell, Cookie Monster is my favorite character)

Worldbuilding: Sesame Street started out as an American children’s show. However, it’s popularity had definitely grown and has spread world wide. In 2001 there were over 120 million viewers of various international versions of the television series and by 2009 it was broadcast in more than 140 countries. 

Seriality: It’s hard to say weather this transmedia was broken up into separate chunks. Yes and no. The show is a series is made up of multiple different stories provided by the characters. However, you don’t have to read a book or look any information up to understand what is going on. It doesn’t matter what episode you’re watching, you can fall right into place just by turning the television on and watching it.

Subjectivity: For each episode of Sesame Street, the subject stays consistent. The producers want to reach out to children in an educational way. So, each episode that is aired provides a fun way to learn something new. The characters remain true to their specific subject (like the cookie monster always loving cookies). Also, most of the products made are directed towards what the character does in the show, for example there are Cookie Monster cookie jars or products that show him eating cookies.

Performance: Through out the years, the performance of Sesame Street has turned into an live act on stage, a popular television series, multiple movies based off of the characters, parade floats, toys, clothes, and pretty much anything else you can think of! Sesame Street is such a classical educational show for children that I feel it’s episodes will continue on for generations to come. ss6

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