Remix: Justin Bieber- Boyfriend

I chose a video that created a remix to Justin Bieber’s popular song boyfriend. Except, instead of Bieber singing a song about how he wants to be your boyfriend, it’s sung from a stalker fans point of view. I haven’t heard or noticed any type of controversy caused by this video. I honestly thought it gave a humorous perspective on Bieber’s stalker fans. According to the comments most people thought the video was hilarious. I think Mischievous Studios did a good job creating this funny remix. The transformative use used in this remix video is that the lyrics have been changed, however the beat and rhythm of the song stays the same. I think that this is, in fact, a good example of transformative use. In terms of usage, I think the video is fair. At the end of the video they attempt to promote a new ipad app, but other than that the video is mainly used to poke fun of Justin Beiber’s song Boyfriend and his fans wild obsession for him.

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