Rachel’s Digital Identity


The last time that I had ever googled my name was probably in middle school and I didn’t think that much could have changed since then, but oh was I wrong. When I typed in my name and pressed the search button, the first thing that came up was my pinterest page, then my youtube page, next was google +, ancestry.com, my high school’s online magazine, mylife.com (which my hometown address), and finally the Twitter page I made but never used. I was in shock! Then I looked in Google Images and it just got worse. Four of the pictures were actually of me while the rest were either random people that I didn’t know or things that I had pinned on my pinterest board. It’s crazy! I never thought that so much could be out there. Especially when all I’m doing is pinning things that I liked. I had no idea that the rest of the world could view that through google eyes! However, I found it extremely weird that my Facebook page did not come up… I use that social media network the most, however I have more control over my privacy settings for that page. I definitely plan on looking at privacy settings for a lot of websites. Especially any that could provide hints to where I am or what I do. It gives me the chills just to think about what would happen if that got in the wrong hands.


While the social media can be a scary thing and full of liabilities, it can also be extremely useful. Teaching students is not what I plan on doing for my future instead I plan to design magazines. Currently, I just accepted the position as Editor in Chief of Kennesaw State University’s magazine Talon. My idea for using social media for my future careers and current position both depend on what can be seen and what should not be viewed. I definitely want to maintain my facebook page so that I can reach everybody that I need to talk to. Also, even after the scary events of my pinterest board being open to the viewers of the world, I still find it helpful to give proper examples of what visuals I have in mind.  Something I want to create though is one or two blogs. One blog can be used by my team. We can keep up with each other’s progress on the magazine without having to meet during our busy lives. Another blog could be used to show my spreads, that way future companies could view my pieces while they consider hiring me. Social media is a must have in my life, especially dealing with publishing. The more my name is out there, the better. However, I do need to make sure that the public should see only what the public needs to see. I definitely plan on keeping things more professional as I continue my career.

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