Coleman’s Digital Identity


When I googled my name, nothing really came up other than my social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. While I feel that I have monitored myself close enough where there should be nothing to worry about when it comes to these accounts and the content within them, I did notice something that did concern me. When I did a google image search of my name, I didn’t just see pictures of myself, but photos that I have in someway commented on or liked. While none of them where bad, it makes me really think about what I need to even comment on while I am communicating on these sites. All it would take is for one slip up on my part and I could end up looking real bad. The social media sites are a liability as a whole because not only do they contain information that I post but information that others post as well. That is why I have already started to tighten down on the privacy settings on each account and like I said before, I try and monitor what I even share on there.



While they seem to be liabilities for the most part, I do think I can use my social media accounts as assets as well. I plan on having a twitter account that I share with students and parents, and even administration that allows me to communicate different things from my class. I will keep it professional and make sure that it is strictly business. Also, I plan on having a “teacher” facebook page that I can communicate with my students on. This can keep me connected to them outside of the classroom, and allow them to seek assistance even when I am not around in person! Lastly, I plan on having a class blog that I can post student assignments on as well as share student work (with their permission). I think all of these things not only can be a professional asset, but can become assets to my students and help them become even more successful in my class!

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