Digital Identity

So I had never really thought about Googling myself. That might sound  a little strange, but I hadn’t. I have always been so cautious about posting pictures online, and now that I have created a completely new one starting from the ground up, I have been even more cautious. But what else is out there? I don’t use Twitter, I mean I have one, but I don’t even post anything. I don’t have a blog, besides the one we have for this class. What else could really be out there? Well upon doing a little search in class, I see that there are things out in the wide wide web that I was completely unaware of. 

My name is famous. No, I am not trying to sound conceited…my name is really famous, but my face is not. If you were to just type in “Heather Morris” into Google the famous Glee cast member would pop up. She is a tall, blond who has been found all over television, magazines, and blogs all over. Clearly not me. For pages upon pages someone searching for Heather Morris would just find millions of sites based around this dancer turned actress and all the publicity that comes with being a celebrity. Again, clearly not me. The one thing that is alarming though is the various nude pictures that can be found of this actress in GoogleImages. I am unsure how this might directly affect me and/or how I can change this, but these images are out there for public viewing. Even though these are not me, I still should be more aware of what is available just in case I were to receive any sort of comments about these pages. 

If you were to research Heather Morris Georgia, a little more refined search comes up. A few Facebook profiles pop up, but these are not my own. I have tried to keep my own profile pretty private to the public world as best I can, so it is nice to see my profile is not the first to pop up. Through, if you were to scroll down the page, you might see that my athletic profile from KSU pops up along with a site carrying all the times I have ever run in my running career. Kinda creepy huh? But this sort of information will aid my me in my search for a coaching job. Though, this is really the only information available about me. After doing some further thinking, I am aware that I should be doing more to build a positive digital identity for my future career.

For starters, I would like to start building a blog where I what I am learning and doing as I go through college. This means that I write about all the experiences I am gaining through my classes and field experiences and all of the information I am gaining. This can be use strictly for educational purposes and will hopefully aid as an artifact for who ever might be looking into my educational background. I want to use the Twitter I have to stay connected with educational resources that might help me in my future career. I also hope to post the  videos we have done in this class for the public. This will just aid as yet another artifact. 

In making my digital identity even more positive, I hope that my “background” is pleasing to whoever so decides to search for me. 



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