Blogpost # 10 Digital Teacher Identity

I have to say that I’ve limited myself when it comes to using digital social media; not becase that I am unable to use them, but because I really dont have an interest for many of them. The only active mode of social media that I have is Facebook and Instagram.I can say that I’ve also kept my social media “under wraps” pretty good since there was only one picture that popped up when I goggled my name.  With the changing times in which digital media is playing a big role within our classrooms as a way of learning, I know that as a future teacher, I have to keep myself abreast on the lastest forms of social media. When I begin to be fully involved with teaching, I know that I may have to change my privacy settings and maybe clear a few photos on the more personal forms of media such as my instagram account, in that I feel that it would be  one of the forms of media that will serve as a liablity to me in my profession.

My Facebook could also serve as a liability for me as well, but I would like my students and also their parents to be able to see a little of my  “life” in order to get a feel of who I am outside of the classroom; with this site, I will also make sure the privacy settings on certain things on my page are set in place.  Inorder to adapt to  the use of social media within classrooms, I know that I will have to become aquainted with and join other social media sites to further my pressence on the web. Sites that I would join would be wordpress, twitter, teacher tube, and google doc (which I am already aquainted with);  in that these types of social media can be considered as assests to my web pressence. I would use these sites as a tool to fututher the learning of the students so that they are able to see posts about assignments, they themselves can post for projects or just to socialize with peers regarding the class, and I can also use them to keep parents and colleagues  informed of whats going on within the classroom. I think  the use of  of scial media in classrooms is a great idea to futher the learning of students.

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