Reading Shakespeare Trajectory

Shakespeare can be very difficult to read and comprehend if you don’t have the right tools. My Shakespeare teacher is very right in saying that Shakespeare has to be read and heard and watched on stage, but who has the time. So as college students what do we do? We go to spark notes or try to find the movie version online (not the most recent version because that one wouldn’t be as accurate right?) Well most teachers know that we do this, some are okay with this method while others deem it blasphemous! So to make sure that we’ve read the text they go though and ask specific questions that only the text can answer like a footnote question or an ambiguous meaning of a word. So with that being said, here is how I attempt to tackle Shakespeare: HERE IS THE PROCESS

Firstly I crack open that big Norton Anthology Shakespeare book to the play and get comfortable. Then I look for the sparknote version on my iPad and the audio version on youtube via kindle. Now that I’ve done this I’m not as comfortable at my desk as I want to be so I move it all to the floor, only to realize that the floor is dirty so now I have to vacuum the floor. Now I’m ready so i put a blanket on the floor and set up my station. So now I’m ready. I scroll through the audio on youtube to find which version is the shortest based on acts, then I see all these other videos that are drawing my attention. So of course I have to look at the largest zit being popped. 7 videos later I haven’t read any Shakespeare so I get back on task. I find a recording that I like and I get started, I follow in my book as the great voices of LibraVox read. Act 1 is finished, now I read the sparknotes because I doubt that I’ve retained much of this jibber-jabber because I was reading the sidenotes and footnotes. While looking at sparknotes my friends sends me a picture on drawsomething. I looks like a spoon with strings, turns out its a violin, so after some witty banter back and forth on his drawing skills, I realize that I’m still stuck on the the 4pics one word picture that has had me befuddled for the last couple of days. Diving, the word was diving, stupid 4pics one word app! Okay back to  Shakespeare!  I’ve read through the sparknotes and made up little mnemonic devices to remember all the crazy names I get through act 1. Now I repeat  the process for act 3-5 and now I’m done and ready for the quiz. This is the Shakespeare process, its not managing my time well but its effective.

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