Digital Teacher Identity

If you’ve seen the movie Wanted, then you know how the main character googled his name and nothing came up riiiiight? Well I was hoping to have the same results, but seeing as how I’m awesome that just didn’t happen for me. While many of my social network accounts did come up out of the 5 that were there only 3 that were active. Facbook, Pinterest, and Twitter, and Twitter was only active for this class. The rest I signed up for just because it was to keep in touch, but I’ve never posted to them or I simply don’t know how to deactivate the wretched accounts. There is nothing incriminating on them except unflattering pictures of me making stupid faces. Lastly there are pictures of me when I was in the paper for highscool basketball events, college highlights, homecoming photos, and being representative of the RedCross. None of these things I feel hinder me as a professional although I will consider placing more security on them before I enter into the school system.

Some of the sites however such as twitter and pinterest I feel will be interesting to keep/create just to stay in touch with the students that I will be teaching. For twitter I can post assignments, and keep in touch with parents and create an open forum. This sounds good in retrospect but only time will tell if this will be beneficial to me or my students. This will show my peers that I’m not stuck in the past or unwilling to make an attempt to reach out. This will also show my students how cool I was when I was their age 🙂

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