Digital Identity

When my name was entered into the Google search bar, I was not expecting to find any incriminating information, but much to my surprise some unpleasing comments on a few social network websites popped up. I was amazed at how far back they pulled information from, these comments were not coming from Facebook or even MySpace, these came from the forgotten files of the abandoned social networking sites like Tagged, and BeBo. The information came from 2008, since then I have, and will continue to, be mindful of what I post, comment on and even get tagged in, on social networks. My Facebook is private, but I only use that to communicate with family anyway. My Twitter and Instagram pages are also private and I’m diligent about not posting any pictures of “self –incrimination” and urge my friends to do the same in regards to tagging me in pictures.

In the future however instead of focusing on NOT having a digital identity, I can  use my social media outlets to my advantage.  I could upload pictures that give sight to my growing understanding of my teaching philosophy. Instead of making statuses about the party I just attended I could instead comment on how rewarding my recent volunteer opportunity was.  I could befriend people in the education community. Since graduation (from high school of course), I have maintained contact with many of my high school teachers, who usually send me  pictures and networking information and opportunities beneficial to my advancement as a future educator. Not having a digital footprint, or in my case not having an updated one, is not necessarily a good thing. In a time where online social interactions has become the norm, for me to be inactive for years could come off as a little strange. I need to start reworking my sites to project the “adult” Tyvee’s digital identity instead of the young and obviously ignorant Tyvee’s.

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