Digital Teacher Identity

When Kyle researched my name, he found nothing. This is not because I don’t exist on the internet. On the contrary, I have an amazon account, an eBay account, a goodreads, a Facebook, etc. The reason Kyle did not find anything is because my facebook is locked down tight, not allowing anything on my page to be seen unless we’re friends. As I get closer to my professional career I realize there will be some things (and people) I will have to purge from this account. Although there is nothing necessarily shaming or alarming about my Facebook, it does trace back to my freshman year in high school. Some angsty comments from way back then may taint the more composed image I hope to display. All other facets of my internet identity are not incriminating in the least. I have never been pulled over for anything but speeding (once…it was terrible at sixteen) so my mug shot is not floating around. It would be good to start a professional web page, perhaps one of the ones shown in class, to keep up with other professionals in my field. It would be a more promoting site than having these individuals as friends on Facebook. I would also want to promote being seen on goodreads since it definitely shows my interest in reading. I read all types of books and read rather consistently depending on my work load. This would also show my desire to further my knowledge. I don’t generally worry about being electronically perceived due to the fact that my name isn’t really out there. However, I did not think about positive internet promotion until that day in class and considering how much information we depend upon from the internet, it may be something to look into.

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