The intentions I have when I get home and try to write my final paper is to sit down and begin. No turning on the tv or starting laundry etc. I may even pull out my computer and set it down on my coffee table. What actually happens is I get home, and immediately go to let my dog out. That makes sense, he needs to go out since he’s been locked up while I was in class. I’ll let him out and then think ok…before I begin I should probably just run the dishwasher. Then I can take a break to put them away. So I walk past my computer and clean dishes for about fifteen minutes. I focus better when the apartment is cleaner. Now I can begin my paper…after I give my bearded dragon a bath. She hasn’t had a bath in a while. Ok. Now I can sit down and open my laptop. I open all the tabs I need to keep doing research as I write my paper and…the dishes are clean. So I go put them away because I know my roommate won’t do it. Back to the paper. I have all the tabs up and my word document open, I am ready. The apartment is kind of quiet though so I turn on Netflix, just for background noise. So as I look up the word I am doing my project on, I find a random tv show I have been watching and look up every few seconds. Ok focusing on my paper with Netflix on is not working out. I have only written two sentences. Better get on skype so that my girlfriend can tell me when i’m starring at the tv too long. I let her  know that if i look at the tv for more than five seconds to make a grunting noise so I can focus. This becomes a form of repetition. I begin typing, look up for about 5.3 seconds and hear a grunting which then alerts me back to my paper. I eventually have to get up to make dinner, I’ve probably written a paragraph at this point, and eat before continuing. This generally creates a five day turn around for a paper. It’s not the most efficient or direct means, but I get there.

Actually typing this out makes me realize how inefficiently efficient this is. I get probably four things done during this essay typing out, but the actual essay doesn’t just get DONE. That is my intention but I get many little tasks done. I’m sure more efficient people, perhaps some of you that read this, will think this is a ridiculous way to attempt writing a paper. I agree. This is just an example of how multitasking has become an addiction. That or procrastinating has become an art.

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