Trajectory: Unit Plan

For my 3391 class, there was a set schedule to follow for each component of the oh-so-intimidating Unit Plan project. First, you completed the Proposal, which was due first. The next thing due for a workshop day, was the Backwards Design and Unit Calendar. The next workshop day called for the Detailed Lesson Plans. Then, you take a Detailed Lesson Plan and modify it (Modified Lesson Plan). You then wrap it up with a quick Accountability Statement, move on to the Presentation and Reflection.

This, of course, was the Intended Trajectory. My partner and I, as well as the rest of the class, I’m sure, veered from this a tiny bit.

We got off to a good start, posting our Proposal to D2L first. Shortly after, we finished a rough draft of the Backwards Design and Calendar. To get ahead, we started on the Accountability Statement. For a while, we took a break on the project… Next came time for the Detailed Lesson Plans. After beginning these however, we realized the Calendar needed a lot of revision. We bounced back and forth between these two, with a quick break for the Modified Lesson Plan. We went back through the Detailed Lesson Plan, Calendar, Backwards Design, back to the Detailed Lesson Plans. At this point, we were mostly revising. Then, from Calendar on to Reflection, we followed the Intended Trajectory.

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