My trajectory Path

Link to my reading trajectory path

This is my reading trajectory path for the process of me having to write this 8-10 page paper for my one English class. The paper is our final grade in the class and is due on the last day. Our first step was that we had to read the book which we then discussed in class and I did because I wanted to participate ( The light aqua blue line). Then, me being procrastinator extroidinare, I have waited till the very end ( The yellow line) to even think about the paper! I have not even picked what I want to write my paper about so I just ‘thought’ about my topic and forgot about it. Then I panicked and finally picked a topic ( the red line) and then proceeded to drop it. Next, I panicked again when I realized I NEED to start my paper so I went online and found the required amount of articles I would need ( The purple line) and then dropped it for the night. The next day, I finally told myself I need to do this so I sat down and typed atleast 3 pages and then stopped for the night ( the periwinkle colored line). I am still in the process of writing the paper so i’ll probably drag it out for the next few days. Because I haven’t been following the traditional path, I am somewhat more stressed out because I haven’t had much time to do my paper so I may be rushing it making it turn out not as good as it could be.

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