Blogpost # 9 Trajectories

For my chosen trajectory, I decided to talk about a online class that I take. For this particular course, there are modules that have to be completed for each week. We’re not allowed to go ahead but your allowed to always go back to previous modules to review powepoints or articles. Each module for the week contains two audio power points, checklist, an article on the subject being taught/learned, discussion, and a quiz ( every other week. The expected way or de jure of what my professor expects is that she wants us to listen to her talk for over 20 minutes about what we need to  do for the week, then proceed with the following assignments . For the first two weeks I followed the expected way of how she would “like” for us to do the assignments, but after those first two weeks, I bypassed all the power points , articles, and “extra filler things” in my opinion, and simply checked the dropbox and quiz folders for what I needed to turn in. With doing the actual way or Trace de the Facto, of what worked for me, the course was a breeze for me. I actually made an A in the class. For me, I like things to be simple and straight to the point. WIth this course, I felt that it had to many things that were “fillers”, in which I feel that students never pay attention too. WIth paying attention to the extra things that were not needed, it wasted too  much time, and that attention  could be used somewhere else. The professor for this course wasn’t strict  on how we completed our assignments, so we really had the space to complete and turn in our assignments at any time( of course before the due date). With learning trajectories and actually realizing that I do this myself , I can see and also makes sense of why people do things in a way that fits them in order to be successful in whatever that “thing” is. In particular, I think that professors should definitely think about different ways of how they should approach learning for students. Having a set or linear way of doing things, is not ideal for everyone.

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