Blog Post #9

For the Trajectory assignment, I chose one of my current classes as an example. My professor wants us to read long novels in a two-week span, read random online articles (that are tied to the main ideas of the book), have a panel of people discuss the book in front of the entire class (each of us assigned a specific book), and then write a five-page paper that is basically a reflection on everything. Though it is not too difficult to do, it is a lot of tedious work especially when you are taking five courses so I am guilty of not reading every single book assigned (except the ones I was super interested in, and the one where I had to discuss in front of the class). When talking to the other students, most of them haven’t picked up any of the book and instead read online summaries and then write the paper after the in-class discussion.

Here is a link to my Trajectory Process for this specific class:



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