Blog Post #9 Reading and Writing Online

My trajectory path for my final assignment for a course that I am taking this semester is probably not as conventional as my instructor might expect. We are to choose a book, read it, do the required discussion posts discussing the book, and then write a paper discussing some aspect of the book. I started off right! I chose a book…but did not read it. The first discussion post was to be a summary of the plot and characters and a brief biography of the author. I looked at supplemental materials online such as spark notes and grade-saver as well as Wikipedia, before I constructed MY OWN summary of the book. I planned on reading the book after that post, but things did not go as planned. I read a few pages before getting occupied by other things. The next post was to be about the books setting, theme, and tone. Since I had read so much ABOUT the book, I was able to construct a very well put together post using the information i gained from the supplemental materials. Finally, our last post is to be on the books importance to the course. I don’t really plan on reading the book now because I feel I have enough information about it to connect it to the other works we’ve read in the class. However, I may have to go and make sure I read the book to do the paper…we shall see. I SWEAR I’M NOT AN AWFUL PERSON!

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