Attention span for Film

attention span drawing

If you look at the drawing that  I did, I attempted to give a visual example of my attention span for my Film homework. After every class, we are suppose to watch a film on our own, read a chapter, then write a blog; easy right? Well… I get lazy sometimes and my short attention span can get the best of me. So, if you look at my drawing you’ll see that sometimes I go to watch the film and I don’t get through the beginning of it, but I’ll manage to skip ahead and read the chapter and attempt to write the blog. Another tactic that I have done, is to start out with the blog and work my ways backwards. Sometimes I can write the blog and then in the middle of writing my blog, I’ll read part of the chapter or watch a clip from the film. Even though the homework seems simple, I constantly battle with Continuous Partial Attention (CPA). I start out ready to be a perfect student and do my work, but then something else catches my eye or my schedule begins to fill itself up. Excuses, excuses; I know.  However, even though it’s a slack way of doing things, I have managed to make a 100 on every homework assignment due. So, it may not be a proper form of functioning, but it works for me!

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