Transmedia Franchise: Ninjago



I chose Ninjago because at the Elementary school where I work this is all the kids talk about. It’s mostly Kindergarteners and they are quite immersed with the lunch boxes, book bags, t shirts, and more of this stuff. I think it is more spreadability rather than drill ability.  It is a Tv show a lego ‘action figure’, and a wide range of products and games. It’s continuous in that the character stay pretty much the same so that kids can follow easily. It changes story lines from season to season of the show which engages viewers(mostly children). As far as worldbuilding I would say the franchise is successful in some different ways. For examples the kindergarteners at school play the game ‘ninjago’ on the playground, they build ninjago with blocks. The kids build the world in a way and the website and tv show help but I find that the kids take it and make it what it is. Seriality is dispersed through the tv shows and websites but also books. Its performance is also lead by the kids and not limited by the creator. Subjectivity, mostly the story is from a third party observer so that children can follow easily.

One thought on “Transmedia Franchise: Ninjago

  1. Lots of claims in regard to transmedia storytelling but not many examples. As we explained in class, provide written or multimodal examples to back up your claims.

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