Transmedia Franchise…Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty: The “CinderKitty” Story

Hello Kitty brandThis lovable little kitten came from humble beginnings as an adorable bobtail cat  face on  a coin purse circa 1974 in Japan. From her birth to her pop culture relevance now, Hello Kitty is a very marketable, memorable, face for all ages to enjoy.

Spreadability vs. Drillability:

Appearing only as a head and in very plain drab, Hello_kitty_character_portrait

Hello Kitty makes an appearance on the flip flops everywhere in Japan. She is the original creation of one Yuku Shimizu. A Designer wanted something cute to display on his clothing and accessories and Hello Kitty was created.

yuku Shimizu

Continuity vs. Multiplicity:

Soon after Hello Kitty become a hit and a favorite of both Asian and American consumers. Hello kitty transformed from just a face on a coin purse to becoming a small hit on a few television shows such as Hello Kitty’s Furry Talied Theatere where many of her popular friends made frequent appearances.

175px-Hello_Kitty's_Furry_Tale_Theater_title_card hello kitty friends

3. Amount and Substantiality of Portion Used

In the early nineties the target audience went from youth to adult in a few short months, and it was at this point Hello Kitty became high end attracting retail stores and A-list celebrity sponsors (Zales Jewelry, Mariah Carey, Kimora Lee Simmons)  to  back the brand.

jewlrey 2 jewlrey 1 jewl 3

Immersion vs. Extractability:

Hello Kitty becomes a popular store

Sanrio store

and even a popular Theme Park (Harmonyland)  Worldbuilding:


Simply put Hello Kitty is not your average little bobtail cat anymore. Ranging from appliances, to high end fashion, (Seriality) expensive jewelry, and adventure rides for all ages, Hello Kitty is recognizable to the generation X group and the ones before them. (Subjectivity). The popularity of this face and bow will continue to be a part of pop culture and bring in billions in revenue yearly.

Performance: The popularity of Hello Kitty has even sparked some super hero interest. Who knows this caped crusader could be the next big thing.

photo (2)

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