My favorite example would be Peter Pan. Peter Pan was the best movie of my childhood and I loved everything about it. Through Peter Pan we have created this world of fantasy that children and older cling on to.

Spreadability vs. Drillability: Peter Pan is very spreadably, when children go to school and have PP on their lunch boxes other students are going to want that lunch box.


Through Peter Pan we have had many movies and shows.


Continuity vs. MultiplicityTinkerbell, the fairy in Peter Pan has become a spin off through her own movies and her own TV show. Children love these DVD’s and it keeps Peter Pan alive in our lives.

Subjectivity: Peter Pan was animated but because hollywood is hollywood they decided to create a human version called hook. This movie was towards the adult fans of Peter Pan. This movie elaborates the adult Peter Pan who has left Neverland but returns. We see this movie through the eyes of an adult now and not a boy. The lost boys are one of the main focuses because they have kept the memory of Peter alive. When he finally returns the lost boys have to remind him of his past life. Because of the animated film, all these versions were able to come alive. In this film they had to have the main characters as the original had or else it wouldn’t seem like Peter Pan. Tinkerbell, the lost boys, hook, and a female character had to stay in this movie to make it seem like Peter Pan.

The movie didn’t just stop there. Tinkerbell and Peter Pan have shown up on lunch boxes, clothes and even dolls children can collect.

Performance: PP is on broadway and it plays in the FOX. It also is included in Disney on Ice where anyone can go and watch this movie be played out by actors.

World building: Since a major part of PP is the London clock this gives people who watch the movie information about London, they see a major artifact. People all over the world has watched PP.

Immersion vs. Extractability: It has also spread to Disney World. There is a whole Fairy land that people can visit, take pictures with the fairies and get their autographs. The theme park shrunk everything so that people can really be immersed in this fairy land.

Seriality: Because of all the spin offs, PP doesn’t really have a number 2 but it does have spin off. In another movie Wendy grows up and has a daughter. Her daughter ends up going to Neverland. So this is like a number two but it was years and years later



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