Transmedia: Power Rangers!

Go Go Power RANGERS!

The kids action show was very popular when I was growing up. There was the show, the halloween costumes, the action figures, etc.

First there was the show, based on a Japanese show called Super Sentai, which was first titled Mighty Morphing Power Rangers.  This show allows for worldbuilding as the characters deal with monsters as well as teenage issues. They try to instill good morals wile kicking monster butt.


These masked crime fighting heroes were made into a comic book as well as two movies.


Although the show was very popular in the nineties, the shift in series created a dip in popularity. Since the first series aired there have been 20 different seasons of 17 different series, showing the multiplicity of the characters and storyline. There are also a line of action figures made by Bandai that allow for immersion as children “become” the power rangers. Finding out what happens in each show (the seriality) gives children a reason to keep watching and new material to use for play.



The Power Rangers have been printed on shirts, lunch boxes, and even made into costumes for children and adults. You’ll even see some reminiscent original power ranger themed items and costumes at any of the comic conventions (Dragon con etc.).

lunch box

There has even been an animated tv show created from the original live action.

Each of the series builds off the other as a creative story line. If you become bored with the power rangers as ninjas, well now they are animals, and now they are samurai. The subjectivity from character to character can also keep viewers interested. You can even play a power ranger game for your DS. There is performance fan base being created in a convention just for power ranger fans called Power Morphicon that was held the first time in 2007.


The Power Rangers have changed faces many times but the name stays the same. The multi media franchise has been going strong since 1993 and continues to create a renewing fan base.The spreadability of this franchise is huge since it’s debut, now seen on any type of merchandise or toy and being seen as reruns and new shows on at least three channels. The story is told over many different mediums and will probably be seen for many years to come.

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