Class Blog Post #4 Remix Culture

A Bad Lip Reading is a very popular Youtube account, where they remix popular movies or presidential speeches with a voiceover that usually makes absolutely no sense, but is super funny because the voiceover tries to match the person’s face as closely as possible. They tend to make serious moments super goofy and millions of people have checked out their remixes.

A Bad Lip Reading follows the guidelines of transformative use because they use clips from movies or speeches in a completely new manner, as well as in an unexpected way. The voiceovers have absolutely nothing to do with the scenes and you can never guess what they will say next, which is why it is so entertaining to watch (the unexpected part of transformative use). The video is an obvious parody of the film and it pokes fun at the ‘seriousness’ of the scenes. The makers of these videos took the clips from video search engines, especially for the presidential speeches, and this is considered fair use of content.

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