Blog Post # Transmedia Franchise…THE MATRIX!

One of the largest examples of a transmedia franchise is The Matrix. Now most people are only familiar with the three movies. That just begins the large transmedia franchise that is The Matrix. Did you know that there is also a series of anime cartoons (Animatrix)? Did you know there are The Matrix video games? What about the comic book series? There are graphic novels that carry the story of The Matrix as well. There are even T-shirts for young and old which represent The Matrix! When i looked into this, I felt that it was never going to end…like The Matrix!


The franchise has a ton of spreadability, because as you watch just one movie, you are now interested in finding out more of the story. The drillability is there as well. Like myself, I played the video game first. Thought it was awesome, and found out there was a movie! Because it is fiction, the continuity is there. Though I don’t feel there is a lot of immersion available here, the extractability is obvious! You can by fan gear online and in comic book stores. The Matrix has alos broken up the story into different chunks which are spread across all the different mediums.  The Matrix is clearly a transmedia franchise and is possibly one of the largest and most popular!

One thought on “Blog Post # Transmedia Franchise…THE MATRIX!

  1. You picked the prototypical example of transmedia storytelling…the intentional distribution of a narrative across media. Therefore, you can’t deal with it superficially like you have here. You need to use Jenkins’ terms to explain how it works as a transmedia franchise with examples from the movies, anime, and video games. If you aren’t that familiar with it, I suggest choosing a franchise with which you are more familiar.

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