Class Blog Post #4 – Remixes

The remix I chose to look at was the Bed Intruder Song. The video is derived from a viral video that was spread about a man up in arms about an attempted rape on his sister, but his presentation was almost comically farce. Soon after some industrious people added a little of their own lyrics, but largely kept what was used in the video, mixed, swapped, mashed, and repeat the video to make a catchy song. It’s hard to say how it is with fair use but it doesn’t appear to have broken any laws, as youtube has been stern in removing videos that could be considered dangerous. But the video is 90% copied from the source work of the news report, but it’s done for a non-profit cause as well as the fact it is a brief sub-story from a local news station which happened to get noticed. If anything I believe the news would be happy for the publicity. The key in this I believe is the transformative use of the piece, which the piece was used in a completely new way separate from its source, its a parody of the work itself, and it is a musical remix. It meets most of the criteria to be judged as something safe and untouchable by copyright law.

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