Ds106 Assignment C – PSA Billboard


For this assignment I was to pick something  about people/society/ the world that aggravates me and make a psa billboard about it.

I immediately thought about the whole wearing UGGS ( or any boot really) with shorts with and a hoody or jacket look.  I can’t even find the words to describe  just how much I dislike this look. In my eyes it’s absolutely, positively horrid, but I digress. In order to do this assignment  the creator suggested using a GIMP (I had no idea what this was) . I took me a minute to grasp the GIMP process( I’m technologically ignorant when it comes to anything other than simple activities) so I actually ended up spending a good amount of time creating my billboard. Anyway, here’s my public service announcement to all of the lukewarm ladies out there .

psa billboard

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