Repost of Crap Detection: Fact or Fiction? (Tomlin & Delong)

Students will be able to distinguish between fact and fiction through researching various myths and urban legends. They will do so by finding the origins of the myth/legend.

Examples to show them of fake and true myths/legends (convincing, outrageous, debunk) and our own process of finding these sites and how we distinguished them from one another. Explicitly state that the urban legends and myths are to be “national.” How would we help them with searching for these common myths/legends? Have a list of common myths/legends from books and maybe the internet itself as this project is very online based. We need to define myths/urban legends in order to give them a sense of direction and to help them better qualify their work.

Written Description/Rationale:
This activity will help students practice their skills in determining good websites to use for research. This is important for further research in the class and future projects/papers. The project also help students to be more critical of the information they come in contact with on a daily basis. It will allow the students to choose a topic of their own interest and research it in detail. Allowing the students to choose their own topic will, hopefully, yield more dedication to the project.


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