Area 6 Map

West Cobb County is Area 6 of the Cobb County School System. It has three unique high schools, each with their own demographics, graduation rates, test scores, and master narratives.
From interviews with numerous students, Mceachern is commonly seen as the ‘ghetto’ school even though it is the largest campus, has it’s own trust fund, and a personal history. Harrison is thought to be where the more ‘snobby white kids’ are supposed to attend and seem to all have drug problems. Hillgrove is more an in-between school with a mixture of kids that do and don’t have money.
Seemingly, the attendance zones were deliberately defined to include or exclude certain enrollment groups, a system that opposes basic geography and logic.
Since Area 6 is on the outskirts of the county, it is also generally viewed as more poverty stricken and rural.


Link to Map

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