Remix: The Disney/Hunger Games

I chose a video mashing up the Hunger Games and different Disney and non-Disney movies. This is an example of transformative use because it is changing the nature of the original work. In the case of this video it is changing multiple different works, the Hunger Games and the different Disney movies that are used. Because this is a creative take, it could become controversial because the creator didn’t obtain permission to use the material. I feel like this video doesn’t cause a lot of controversy though because it seems like it’s just a fun fan video and I feel like people as well as the makers understand this. By looking at the comments it also seems like many people enjoy the video and think it is funny. It also promotes all of the movies giving people more initiative to watch the different movies that are featured, boosting the original media as well as the youtube video. As far as being something that is fair use, I think that this video does a good job of being fair because it is only using clips from movies and the credit is given to all of the different movies that were used. Also, the person who created the video takes no credit for the different clips.

Disney/Hunger Games Trailer

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