Remix-Diamond In the Back

The song entitled “Diamond In the Back” was originally created by musician William Devaughn. Years later the song was remixed into a song entitled ” Diamond In the Back” as well created by rapper Ludacris. Only the sound and main hook was used for Ludacris’s song. There is a slight difference in sound but the majority of it is based off of the original. Music is a perfect example of remixing within pop culture. I dont think there were any controversy over this song. A lot of people including myself didnt even know that this song was based from an original song beforehand. Ludacris’s version of this song did not “copy” the orginal word for word, and credits were due to the original source. In regards to transformative, Ludacris’s version of the song used a small portion of the original song to use for his version of the song which then weigh’s in favor of  proper fair use for his song,” A use is usually more in favor of fair use if it uses a smaller amount  of the source work..”.

Link for William Devaughn’s version: 

Link for Ludacris’s version:

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