“Mean Disney Girls”

I found this video by just typing in the word “remix” into the search bar. It is a compilation of clips from famous Disney princess movies put to the trailer of the 2004 movie Mean Girls. Particular princesses are assigned to each voice in from the Mean Girls trailer. For example, Lindsey Lohan’s character, Cady, is represented by Ariel from Disney’s Little Mermaid. I have not heard of this or of any controversy that it might have caused.Though, it does in fact involve two sources that probably did not give the person who did these clips of media, so the real question is: is this fair? I can’t imagine anybody really getting upset or offended (besides Sleeping Beauty fans), so the real problem would be if using this media hurts either of its sources. If anything, it promotes Disney and Mean Girls with a comedic approach that brings together two different audience. Transformative use is obviously seen in this clip because it is a remix in itself. This is because it uses Disney princesses and Mean Girls in a totally new way. I do not believe that it is going against any sort of copyrights because no real harm has been done and freedom of speech has really been used. The purpose of this video does not go outside of simply for comical reasons and not for commercial or profit use so it is. Even though this video is seemingly harmless, it doesn’t seem to be used for any educational reasons. This could be interfering with the idea of fair use and the purpose behind it. I could see myself using this as an example for an assignment in class. Though, I would probably have my own student have their own “I do not own” segment before the actual start of the clip. This clip does not do this and therefore could invade on fair use.

Mean Disney Girls:

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