Remix — Epic rap battle

This is a remix about peaceful figures making a remix out of the others work. Martin Luther King Jr. was inspired by Ghandi’s work. The movie shows MLK’s derivation from Ghandi and the entire video derivates from the two historical figures. There is some controversy in the slang word used for African American and the discourse between the two peaceful figures isn’t usual. The video aims to poke fun at which one is more “peaceful” than the other, but some could see it as disrespectful to these great historical men. I would say it is a fair use, although others might disagree. There aren’t any copyrights on either of their words; the point is that there is equality for everyone. The video is meant in good humor but that is also an opinion. The transformative quality depends on your opinion but legally there is no harm in what is posted.

This is an example of  a parody. This means it’s a type of free speech and is a non-profit statement. Both of these define it as a “fair-use”.

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