Community/Dark Knight Remix Mash-Up Trailer

This is a video where someone took the concepts and audio from the Batman: Dark Knight Rises Trailer, and added video clips from NBC’s comedy Community to promote Season 3. It was a great example of remix because the clips and audio are synched together so well that it seems like it could be real. I do not think it crosses the line because the author makes sure to give all the credit to both Batman and Community and in no way claims anything in the video.

This video is also tranformative, as it uses the audio from the Batman trailor in such a completely different way. If you are familiar with the Community, you would understand the pairing of certain voices with certain characters. Even though it is a promotion(by a party not associated with THE Community) it is also a parody, as it splices together different scenes and audio that could be seen as making fun of either Batman or The Community.

I believe this is also fair use, because the poster gave credit to the original Batman Trailer and director, as well as the producer of The Community tv show. The creator of the remix took no credit for this video, and even gave credit to an another video that they watched which they got the idea from.


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