Heather T’s 1st ds106 Assignment

For my first ds106 assignment, I chose a writing assignment called Twitter Trends Turned Lyrical Poetry.

For this assignment, I used the current trending topics on Twitter to make a poem. In this case, it was the trending topics from last night at 9:51 pm, shortly after the Miami Heat beat the Cleveland Cavaliers to extend their winning streak to 24, which is why there are several basketball related topics.


Those were the Days

It was before Dan Gilbert used comic sans.
Back when James was with the Cleveland Cavs, not The Heat.
And when Simon was the true #idol.
Those were the days.
Ten Things I Hate About You
Because #10ThingsYouHateToDo just sounds lazy.
Now it’s Attention Deficit Disorder.
Flipping back and forth between #SVU and #UTAatHOU
All the while working on 4 different #NIT brackets.
Yeah, there’s nothing #HotNSpicy
About today.
Those were the days.

I tried to research as much context as I could, including using google and reading the tweets under the trending topic. Note: You will notice that #HotNSpicy is not on the picture because there was barely enough room for the nine on the picture. The #HotNSpicy topic was the promoted topic on Twitter.

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