GIF animate your day like Ben.

Here’s my attempt at animating my day through GIFs. The assignment can be found here. I didn’t do my entire day, but a pretty good portion is represented.

I usually begin my day frantically flipping through my daily planner to see what homework I need to finish. On this particular day, I needed to work on an ENGL4340 essay. Instead…

I washed some dishes. I wash approximately 50000 dishes per day. It’s quite an accomplishment. Every day I go to sleep amazed at the amount of dishes I have cleaned. When I was done, I remembered I still needed to brainstorm on that Shakespeare assignment. Instead…

I browsed Reddit for nearly 3 hours. My mother called me, ripping me from my trance, and reminded me I needed to come visit her today.

That’s my mom. She’s really my gran, but she adopted me when I was born making her REALLY my mom. Don’t think too much into it. She can talk forever. I sat in the floor and listened to her talk about everything from my twin sister, Jana, to some person who died at her church. I decided I needed to really get on this Shakespeare essay. So, I went home and stared at my computer for a few hours.

Then I took a nap.

2 thoughts on “GIF animate your day like Ben.

  1. This is awesome, great work on the animated GIF day! There’s so much behind the GIF and short sentences about your Mom/Gran, it make me curious to hear the story. I really like the way you slipped that bit in there along with the excellent GIF of the endless talking and rocking matriarch….I think we all have someone like that in our families. Love the gorgeous GIF of you starring at the computer screen to finish up the day, too. I’ve been there many times myself at the end of a long day.

    Hope you have far fewer dishes to wash in the future ;D

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