Area 5 Geospatial Project

“As a classroom teacher who teaches both an AP level class and two co-taught sophomore literature classes, I see the full-spectrum of situations, and I see more and more parents depending on educators and the system to raise their children.  Maybe it is just that many parents are struggling to pay the bills and really do not have the time, energy, or skills to actually parent.” This is not just Area 5 students.“What we are observing is a national trend.”

The master narrative of the Area 5 school district is that it is mostly middle class and upper class with an extremely low crime rate. A lot of people believe the crime index is so low because the city of Kennesaw has an ordinance that requires all heads of households to own a gun. We also hear that the majority of the population smokes massive amounts of marijuana. The people here are known to be mostly white racists, fake rednecks, or wanna-be ghetto because of the lack of diversity.

Click here for Area 5 map

3 thoughts on “Area 5 Geospatial Project

  1. This quote doesn’t really setup the central claim/master or counter narrative of your map. Think of this blog post as the introduction/abstract that makes you want to read/consider more.

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