Area 1 Geo Project

Link to our map:

My group had area one which was Pebblebrook and South Cobb.

Our Master Narrative concluded that there are many factors that bring people to a conclusion about Area 1. Pebblebrook, who’s area rival is South Cobb Highschool, is the only school in the county with a magnet program. Because a magnet program is supposed to specialize students in a specific art, people expect these schools to hold academics (including art/music) to a higher standard, but our statistics showed that this school could improve their program. Due to the fact that there are so many students at this school, it is hard to meet the needs of each and every student. South Cobb is also a huge school with a variety of people coming from different economic and social backgrounds. The majority of people in this area are not considered to be in the highest economic/social class, and many documented crime rates are reported. Acts of violence and prejudices formed in South Cobb, cause a clash between different social groups in this area.

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