Area 4 Geospatial Project

Menage Cobb

  • The Sprayberry, Lassiter, and Kell High School districts are very diverse. Each district has its own master narrative based off of the community, test scores, and the city of which it is located in.
  • Sprayberry is said to be more of lower class school merely based off the area of its location. Also, it is said to be very ethnically diverse as well. The area around Sprayberry would be fit for more elderly people, but it is slowly developing more facilities targeting young people.
  • Based off of anonymous comments and feedback, Kell is said to be more of an upper class school. It sits on a busy intersection and the facility is very nice and kept up. The houses around the school would be considered more middle class, but the area seems to fit the young adults.
  • Lassiter is without a doubt one of the nicest school in Cobb County. The test scores are high and the area around the school seems to be very classy. The houses around the area seem to be very wealthy houses.

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